How To Look Stunning In Your 30’s?

Age-Slab of 30’s starting from your late 20’s to your early 40’s could be quite tricky. It will confuse you, stress you and there are some major changes that are being faced by your body and skin especially.

This is the age slab generally when women, start a family. Pregnancy, childbearing and delivery of the baby totally put your body in a zone where it is more vulnerable.

Your system as a whole goes through a revival and breakdown pattern, as the pregnancy has made quite a few alterations in your hormones.


This is the age when there are so many ‘for the first time ever’ moments, (but all not happy ones sadly). You may notice your first gray hair, your first dark spots or pigmentation marks, stretch marks, dark circles, fine lines (future wrinkles) around the eye area, and so on. This can surely make your depressed and you may feel that you can never ever gain back your old self again. But that is not true. With some time to yourself and some attention to your skin, you will again gradually regain your confidence back shortly.

Things you should follow:

Drink Plenty Of Water

It is essential to hydrate yourself at all times. Being hydrated from within will also reflect on your skin, hair and entire system. So keep sipping on to some water for great skin and hair.

drink water

Manage Your Facial Hair

Managing your facial hair will ensure some trimming down of your age; it will make you look younger, radiant and fresh. So, go for waxing, laser treatments or just the convenient razor! Any which ways will work just do it now.

Skin Whitening Cream Or Serum

For all those who feel that skincare creams are just another business to fool you, then you should consider brushing up your knowledge regarding the same again.

Skincare products like Zeta White Cream really work as they have active natural ingredients that are proven wrinkle diminishing agents. These help boost collagen and elastin production while combating free radicals that damage your skin.

So, just go to the drugstore and grab for yourself a skin whitening cream or serum, whichever suits your pocket. It is a must-have for the ladies out there.

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